Fonder: solitary togetherness in a luxurious oasis of tranquility

If there is one thing that the corona crisis has made clear, it is that we are all yearning for connection. We fly around the world without blinking and share joys and sorrows with complete strangers on social media. And yet, in a world at our feet, we crave coming home and familiar faces. In addition, the number of "single person house-holds" is growing exponentially year after year and buying in the city is becoming increasingly unaffordable for singles. From that perspective, now age real estate & hospitality agency Jackie Bohème founded the community residence concept Fonder, where flexibility, luxury and connection meet.

Single households on the rise

According to figures from Statbel from 2018, it appears that 32% of Belgian households consist of one person, a growth of 1.3% compared to 2017. This upward trend appears to continue and by 2060 it is estimated that 50% of the population will be single. Quite a few of these singles cherish their autonomy and do not necessarily want to be part of a couple, but do want the company of others without a romantic relationship.

“One of the changes we have noticed in the real estate world in recent years is that many people are consciously moving to smaller homes, so that they can focus more on social contacts.” says Ellen Wauters, founder of Jackie Bohème. “Moreover, the number of single person households is increasing year after year. And we respond smartly to that with Fonder. ”

Modern nomads also like to come home

Fonder was built on three pillars: “connection, convenience and comforting luxury”. Where at the time co-housekeeping was often a financial consideration, for the now age generation it is mainly a search for connection. Because modern nomads also like to come home.

Fonder offers the luxury of an already furnished private home with the warmth of a community and the comfort of a real home. The co-housing focuses on flexibility: if you would like to retreat to your own loft for a while, you can. If you want to cook together in the communal kitchen, answer some emails at the massive oak dining table or read a magazine in the communal garden with serene Japanese vibes, you can do that too. Carefreeness is what Fonder is all about. Under the “modest luxury” vision of Jackie Bohème, comfort and aesthetics reinforce each other in an enriching dialogue. From beautiful works of art and a luxurious communal kitchen, to parking spaces and a cleaning service.

As a familiar face, Fonder's house manager will manage the practical aspect of the community, but also encourage connection by organizing communal dinner parties, among other things. As a trained psychologist and nurse, she is the ideal listening ear when the residents need it.

In Fonder you will only find singles, but in an interesting mix of origin and age. For example, the co-housing aims at a happy single in his thirties and someone who has just come out of a marriage of 25 years. Someone who after the loss of a partner is not ready to live alone or an expat who is carefree wants to settle in a new country. The only requirement is an open view of the world.

View of Eden

Fonder deliberately settled outside the city center of Antwerp, where traffic jams are increasing every day. The location in Wilrijk is close to all major motorways such as the E19 and A12 and yet within cycling distance of the center. The lofts at the front of the building look out over the Park of Eden, the largest park in Antwerp with a nature reserve in the middle. A unique green view that flows seamlessly into this oasis of tranquility.

Community through craft

Jackie Bohème strongly believes in an enriching dialogue between professionals and regularly chooses young design talent. Architect Ief De Schepper of Tao architecture and Live smart as construction promoter fitted perfectly into the project not only in terms of expertise, but also in terms of values ​​and standards. After previous real estate projects such as l'appartement Jackie and Maison Jackie, Fonder also became a pearl of sophisticated design with beautiful materials such as travertine, dark parquet and aquasensa. Interior items by Bea Mombaers and artworks by Eleanor Herbosch complete the unique setting.


Rental will start from September 2020 with rental prices from 930 euros per month (all-in). In total there are 8 studios available. Address: Doornstraat 295, 2610 Wilrijk. If you are interested, mail to [email protected].

About Jackie Bohème

As a now age real estate agency, Jackie Bohème brings spirituality and a soulful lifestyle together in innovative concepts that are all about connection. According to the modest luxury vision, the collective has previously created beautiful concepts such as l’Appartement Jackie, gathering space + stay Maison Jackie and a collection of handmade kimonos, pillows, scarves and woodwork. Jackie Bohème embraces a nomadic now age lifestyle in which founder Ellen Wauters organically fuses intuitive entrepreneurship and a gift for curating real estate, craft and aesthetics.

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