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Pukka Herbs opens the lid on action taken to address climate emergency

Pukka Herbs: 

  • Was the first herbal tea brand in the world to set a 1.5ºC science-based target   
  • Will offset entire crop to cup carbon emissions (15,624 tonnes CO 2 e) in 2019  
  • Reduced carbon footprint by 26% (per one million teabags) from 2017 to 2019 
  • Has committed to be carbon net zero by 2030  
  • Has planted 700,000 trees through tree planting charity TreeSisters since 2017 
  • Is committed to circular packaging by 2025, as documented in its new packaging policy 
  • Has launched a Climate and Biodiversity Manifesto in response to the climate and
  • biodiversity emergency

Ethical herbal wellbeing company, Pukka Herbs, has launched its latest sustainability report looking back at the
ways in which Pukka has responded to the climate emergency; from supporting climate-friendly farming practices to sustainable packaging. 
An early adopter of renewable energy, Pukka was the first herbal tea company in the world to set a 1.5ºC science-based target and have it validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) in 2018. The following year, Pukka became one of the first businesses in the world to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency and successfully achieved carbon neutrality for the year by offsetting its ‘crop to cup’ emissions (15,624 tonnes CO 2 ).  
In 2019, Pukka also joined a number of B Corps, who responded to the climate emergency by committing to be
carbon net zero by 2030, meaning Pukka must reduce its emissions to be as low as they can before offsetting
what is left. From 2017 to 2019, Pukka’s carbon footprint dropped by 26% per million teabags (or equivalent).   
In order to help Pukka respond meaningfully to the climate emergency it declared and set its net zero target, the wellbeing company has also just introduced its Climate and Biodiversity Manifesto, which sets out ambitious plans to significantly reduce its environmental impact and benefit the health of the planet. The manifesto details how Pukka will take meaningful action in five key areas – business direction, product innovation, internal and external engagement and value chain.  
Pukka’s carbon reduction commitment across its operations was one of many steps forward recognised by BCorp in 2019, when Pukka was awarded ‘Changemaker for the World’. As a certified BCorp, Pukka is rigorously assessed on how it delivers its mission in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible. In 2018, Pukka’s score increased by 10 points to 104 out of 200; above the average business score of 50.9.  
In its sustainability report, Pukka shares that humanity is using natural resources too quickly and
needs 1.75 planets to sustain today’s demand.  In 2019, 98% of packaging used for Pukka’s products was widely recyclable and 94% of materials used to make packaging were renewable or recyclable*, demonstrating Pukka’s commitment to sustainability across the packaging life cycle. 
Pukka has also committed to use plant-based or circular economy packaging by 2025. More details
on Pukka’s future packaging commitments can be found in its newly released packaging policy.

Karel Vandamme, CEO, Pukka Herbs, says:

“Pukka was founded on a mission to create a business that lives in a regenerative way. Organic farming, collecting our wild plants sustainably through FairWild and stitching our compostable teabags with organic cotton string are just some of the ways in which we do this.   
“Looking back to 2019 - a year of climate activism - and fast-forwarding to the global health pandemic we are facing now, the inextricable link between human health and its dependence on a healthy planet is clearer than ever. We know that we have until 2030 to make fundamental changes to the way companies and governments function and the way we live as humans.  Our sustainability highlights report focuses on three key areas in our bid to take action last year and in our 2020 impact report, due for launch next year, we’ll share we’ll share the full impact of Pukka across our organisation, as well as our longer-term ambition.”

All Pukka products are certified organic, FairWild and Fair for Life. The FairWild certification guarantees that all
the wild herbs used in our products have been harvested sustainably and that the growers have been paid fairly for their work.  Fair for Life is considered the gold standard of fair-trade systems in the world.  It guarantees that everyone who Pukka touches, from crop to cup, across the globe is treated fairly, equitably and transparently.     
Pukka’s latest Sustainability Report can be viewed online at

* ¹This is an average figure per unit, calculated from each category: Tea: 96%, Supplements: 26%, Lattes: 82%, Advent Calendar: 99%, Selection Boxes: 99%

About Pukka:  
Pukka Herbs is a global herbal health and wellbeing company, established in 2001 by ethical entrepreneur Tim Westwell and practicing herbalist Sebastian Pole, who shared an ambition to nurture
healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants. Every one of Pukka’s certified organic herbal products is expertly blended, combining the highest quality organic herbs and spices (fairly and sustainably sourced from around the world) with Pukka’s world-leading herbal research.  Pukka is a certified B Corp, using business as a force for good and a passionate member of 1% for the Planet, contributing 1% of annual turnover to environmental causes.

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