Yuma Labs crowdfunding gets backed for 200% in first 48 hours

The circular sunglasses brand Yuma Labs raised 20.628 euros in just 48 hours (double the initial goal). So far, their crowdfunding campaign already got backed by 159 people but it will run for 17 more days.

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to produce a new collection of sunglasses completely made out of recycled plastic waste and easy to send back when their life ends. That way, the sunglasses can be recycled again, thus closing the loop and putting a halt to plastic waste. This phenomenon is called a circular economy.

Next to that, the company launched new branding for more awareness -it was called W.R.Yuma first- and they will move their production from Antwerp to Italy, where the plastic waste will be injection-molded into high-quality sunglasses. In order to achieve that, they wanted to raise 10.000 euros.

Hungry for more

Luckily, in just 2 days 137 people backed the crowdfunding campaign raising 20.628 euros altogether. But the Yuma Labs team is still hungry for more, founder Sebastiaan De Neubourg says.

“Despite the crazy times we live in, we managed to reach 100% of our goal in just a couple of hours, thanks to our backers!”, says De Neubourg. “Our confidence in them was more than justified. But we want to spread our message even further. We want to spark the conversation and make a switch to a circular economy. That’s why we want to get backed even more.”

People can still back the crowdfunding campaign until 10 September. The crowdfunding campaign consists of one unisex model called Lazlo, available in 4 colors: two transparent frames (the original colors of the recycled bottles) and two colored frames (brown and black).

The quest for a circular economy

The goal of Yuma Labs is clear. “In recent years, we delved into the workings of fashion, circular economy, waste management, and recycling”, says De Neubourg.

“During our quest for truly circular products, we found mostly recycled items. Especially in the case of sunglasses, there were better and more sustainable solutions possible. With Yuma Labs, we want to kickstart a radical new way of thinking about the future of fashion... all while enjoying the sun.”

Innovative Instagram filter

Innovation is a key aspect of Yuma Labs. That’s why, next to their revolutionary business plan, they also made an Instagram filter of the sunglasses. This way, you can see whether you like their sunglasses or not. Yuma Labs is the very first eyewear brand that allows contributors to fit the eyeglasses virtually, even before they go into production.

Crowdfunding link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lazlo-tomorrow-s-sunglasses-from-yesterdays-waste#/

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A world without waste, that is the vision of Yuma Labs. The revolutionary sunglasses brand designs trendy glasses from recycled PET bottles. 100% circular glasses with fully removable frames. This way they are also easy to recycle at the end of their lives. Sebastiaan de Neubourg started the label in 2018 as W.R.YUMA. Fun fact: Yuma refers to the sunniest place on earth, namely Yuma in Arizona (USA). www.yuma-labs.com

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